Located in Garden Place, our cosy restaurant offers fresh cooked Japanese donburi. Come in and get your prescription today.

Donburi (, literally “bowl”, also abbreviated to “don”) is a Japanese rice bowl dish consisting of fish, meat or vegetables, simmered together and served with rice. 



Teriyaki Don
Fresh, quality fillet or tofu steak coated by Dr. Donburis’ special teriyaki sauce.
A-1 Beef Scotch Filletn/a$15$20
A-2 Chicken Thigh Fillet$7$13$18
A-3 Pork Fillet$7$13$18
A-4 Salmon Fillet$8$15$20
A-5 Fish (basa) Fillet$7$13$18
A-6 Tofu$7$13$18
Katsu Don
Deep Fried crispy fillet cut with onion, egg simmered in our unique Katsu don sauce (sweet soy sauce).
B-1 Pork (Sir Loin)$14$19
B-2 Chicken (Thigh)$14$19
B-3 Fish (Basa)$14$19
B-4 Prawn$15$20
B-5 Potato Croquette$14$19
Crispy Katsu Plate
Deep fried crsipy fillet cut, rice and salad with our Katsu sauce spread.
C-1 Pork Katsu$7$13$18
C-2 Chicken Katsu$7$13$18
C-3 Salmon Katsu$8$15$20
C-4 Fish Katsu$7$13$18
Spicy Don
Grilled fresh meat and veggies with spicy sauce.
D-1 Beef Slice$7$13$18
D-2 Chicken Thigh Fillet$7$13$18
D-3 Pork Slice$7$13$18
D-4 Fish (Basa) Fillet$7$13$18
D-5 Tofu$7$13$18
Omu Rice
Fried rice omelette with choice of main toppings.
E-1 Omu Rice Only$10N/A
E-2 Omu Rice Teriyaki Topping
( Chicken / Pork / Fish / Tofu )
E-3 Omu Rice with Crispy Katsu Topping
( Chicken / Pork / Fish)
E-4 Omu Rice with Spicy Topping
(Chicken / Pork / Fish / Beef / Tofu)
E-5 Omu Rice with Prawn Set$17$25
E-6 Omu Rice with Teriyaki Beef Scotch Fillet$17$23
E-7 Omu Rice with Teriyaki Salmon Fillet$17$23
E-8 Omu Rice with Crispy Salmon Katsu$17$23
Prawn Don

F)  3 Pieces of deep fried crumbed prawn
     1 prawn twister
     2 pieces of sweet chilly prawn
     1 set of ebiyaki  

Beef Don

G)  Marinated Beef Slice and onion
      simmered in our secret recipe

Extra Main Topping
W/DonburiTopping Only

I-1 Teriyaki (Chicken / Pork / Tofu)


I-2 Salmon Teriyaki / Katsu


I-3 Crispy Katsu (Chicken / Pork / Fish / Tofu)


I-4 Katsu Don (Chicken / Pork / Fish / Prawn)


I-5 Spicy (Chicken / Pork / Tofu / Beef)


I-6 Beef Scotch Teriyaki


I-7 Prawn Set

Shared Main Topping
J-1 Teriyaki (Chicken / Pork / Tofu)$21
J-2 Crispy Katsu (Chicken / Pork / Fish)$21
J-3 Spicy (Chicken / Pork / Tofu / Beef)$21
J-4 Katsu Don (Chicken / Pork / Fish)$24
Bowl of Rice$2
Big Bowl of Salad$3

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Our Location

You can find our cozy restaurant at 6 Garden Place, opposite the Hamilton Central Library.

For orders, call us on 07-838 1536